Succeeding with Gen Y Conference June 2013

Event Title: Succeeding with Gen Y Conference

Date: 27th June 2013 (Wednesday)

Duration: 09:00 to 17:00

Venue: Empire Hotel Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Generation Y had suddenly become the main workforce of today organization. Unlike previous generation Gen Y are born into the age of technology. Their talent includes value purpose driven initiative, social media mobile equipped, technological advance then their older generations. Gen Y is anxious to grow their careers. They seek employer to value their inner voice as well as to respect there to have flexibility at work. In many countries, they are fast becoming the largest generation in the workforce. But the organization they work for existed on a conservative work platform.

We are inspired to launched the first “Succeeding with Gen Y” conference in Hong Kong for unique Generation Y Employers and professional, to share their insights on how to leverage Generation Y talent as our future partner at work.

We hope to invite companies all industries, including NGO’s, student organization and as well as interested individuals will come to make this a great sharing event.



Event Title: Succeeding with Gen Y Workshop

Date: 28th to 29th June 2013 (09:00 to 18:00)

Venue: Youth Centre. Hong Kong

Seed Purpose:

-Give you a basic right brain overview on how to potentially establish an entrepreneurial style organization.
-Explore your readiness to be an entrepreneurial in today challenging world.
-Gain appreciations for new knowledge, wisdom, new psychology tools, how to work as a team and new experiences to better equipped us.
-Laying the groundwork for this aspiring passion as future business owners and entrepreneurs.
-Lead you into structure experience and critical thinking as they take on the position of hypothetically developing a profit making organization, and sharing what benefits the organization would have in their community network when the get home

-Guide you in developing a fuller appreciation of the importance of their personal attitudes, the impact of their behaviors and the responsibilities inherent in influencing and motivating self as well as others.
-To prepare for future expansion in knowledge and create a positive attitude toward to becoming part of a high performing individual that has conscious awareness choice in their life.


This is an offsite retreat in Hong Kong with a “hybrid” design of conference, workshop, networking opportunity, holiday and a good value pricing point.


Experiential learning: A strategic approach is use here to introduce positive attitude change by creating real time structure experiences tor participants to gain insights.

‘For millennia, man has tried to solve his problems in the external world. The first step towards clarity is the understanding that all problem lie within. The second step is the realization that the problems cannot be fixed.The third step is the relief that floods us once the second step is over.”

This is the inductive experiential learning, learning from inside out.
We will use, lecture, sub group sharing, video input, psychology profiling, role-play, case-studies and real time action plan.


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Total Investment:
Standard RM$ 5,000
Today Price: RM 3800 (RM 317 x 12 zero installment)

Package Fee will include:
– Airfare returns on economy Air Asia from KUL-HKG-KUL
– 5 nights Share Accommodation in Youth Centre in Hong Kong
– 27th June 2013 Conference at Empire Hotel Wan Chai (inclusive of breakfast, two coffee break and lunch)
– 28th & 29th June 2013 Workshop (inclusive of breakfast, lunch & dinner)
– A mini bus of taxi will be provided for while in training depending the size of the group,
– Package fee will include conference fee of HK$1,500 per person
– Package fee will include two days workshop fee of HK$5,000 per person

30th June 2013 (open to some suggestions)
1) Disney Land
2) Ocean park
3) Lantau Big Buddha
4) Day trip to Shenzhen for shopping (must get China visa before)

31st June 2013 (Final day)
1) Shopping.
2) Depart to Kuala Lumpur.


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