Why Attracting Website Traffic Is Vital To Internet Marketing



Website traffic is the skeleton and life blood of a successful website or blog. Any business today has to have a website to stay in business, be it online or offline. To survive in business the most graphically awesome and technically perfect website is worthless, unless you generate website traffic.

A website without traffic is like a hotel without rooms. In today’s modern world, a website is the equivalent of a huge billboard outside your office when you think of the billions of potential customers that could view it. To ensure the success of internet marketing, increasing web traffic plays a crucial role.

Your websites success largely depends on the amount of search engine traffic it attracts. There are ways to increase website traffic, and not just any traffic, but targeted website traffic. If you are in the business of dog training and your traffic is from the guitar lessons niche, it is not much good to you.

If you are wondering why your website is not showing up in Google, it`s because you are not writing articles. In order to boost your traffic you need to be noticed. Article marketing is a great tool to use when it comes to increasing your free website traffic and the “Google ad words keyword tool” is essential to writing good articles.

If you give people good content in your articles and they are keyword saturated, then you are going to move up the ranking ladder in Google.This is called SEO. When you have your article written, you make a video of it and put it up in You Tube. Next put it up on your blog as this a great way to drive traffic. “Pay per Click” is another way to get Traffic, but unless you know what you are doing it can be very expensive.