About Us

Headquartered in Malaysia,  Y Generation Coaching sdn bhd specialises in coaching young people to realise their personal and business dreams. But we don’t limit our members by age. We define the “Y Generation” as anyone belonging to a group of tech-savvy people who crave self-improvement.

Our proficient team and services have spread in entire Asia now. We add into your passion of achieving your goals through reversal of the whole pattern of life and business. We offer exceptional coaching programs in life coaching, business coaching, online business coaching and investment coaching.

Why are we different?

  1. Learn while you coach: There is no better way of learning than coaching others. Our students learn and get trained by teaching others.
  2. Get paid while you learn: Unlike other coaching companies, we do not charge our students per session or fixed fees. Instead, we coach and pay our students while providing them practical experience in our corporate services.
  3. Save and earn: All our invoices, receipts, forms or other business materials are delivered in digital format instead of paper.
  4. Unconstrained Coaching: Y Generation has successfully coach lots of Asian young individuals using webinar, Skype and virtual coaching without confined by location of students.